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28 February, 2011

Custom-made Effects in Sandstone, restoration is our speciality

Winterstone Piercaps

Available Finishes

White Sydney Stone Light Stone Charcoal

These colours are our standard colours, but we can custom make any colour you want your stone to be.

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Tuscan Winterstone ID: CL 01
Category: Columns
Description: Winterstone is confident by using a mixture of old and new methods that we are capable of producing columns of the highest quality. Our columns are finished and free of unsightly seem marks, to give you the stone look. Our columns are all individually hand crafted and don't come with noticeable layering from machine compacted columns. The columns that we produce can be made to your specified height therefore no cutting is required on site. All heights are for shafts only in these tables. Winterstone columns can be used for structural and non structural purposes.
Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
2430 152 152
2430 200 200
2475 225 225
3000 254 254
2825 305 305
3000 325 325
(up to 6m) 350 350
3760 400 400
(up to 6m) 585 585
For further information on this product please email us, or call (02) 9457 7247.

Images of Tuscan

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